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Construction Company London

Lux Construction provides you with world-class property development service in various prime and super prime London locations with complete boutique designs and contracting solutions, resulting in delivery of exceptional projects.

We have an extensive portfolio including everything from transforming Belgravian mews property into a modern day family pied-a-terre to delivering a very fine new build house and basement conversion complete with indoor swimming pool.

All our construction company London projects are as individual as clients who commissioned them and we are proud of our ability to make the very best of them all. Our construction company London standards are of the highest quality and because of this we only take on a maximum of 3 projects at a time so as to remain in keeping with the boutique characteristics.

Lux Construction can lead you through the whole process of renovating your home from drawing architect plans to the final furnishings. We have a team of experts to manage the entire process thus saving you the merry-go-round of handling and dealing with numerous parties and giving you just one point of contact and single contract party. We only work with the best professionals and experienced craftsmen so that we are able to achieve the finest finishes for which we are renowned. We always remain firm and consistent in our commitments. Ultimately, we can build you a home of impeccable quality and style.
Construction Company London
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