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Transform your flat into a modern Chelsea pad

Clean-cut and contemporary – there’s plenty to be said for a swish Chelsea flat with large windows, a seamless kitchen, and beautiful, open-plan entertaining spaces that rival almost any London postcode.

The question is: How can I make my drab, old flat look like a sparkling, modern Chelsea pad? First thing’s first…

If you’re looking for a great Chelsea construction company, our construction company operating in SW3 regularly works on modern and traditional Chelsea construction sites in Chelsea London and the NW3 area.

Sniff out a Chelsea construction company
You’ve seen something you like and you want to replicate it. The best way to do that is to hunt down the talent that put that prize-winning space together in the first place. You don’t want just any NW3 construction company – you need a construction company that regularly operates in the swish Chelsea area. Approach a couple of options with some photos and see what they can do for you!

Our NW3 and Chelsea construction company will make your home look a million dollars with Chelsea and NW3 construction projects such as extensions. We are a highly-experienced Chelsea construction company operating in the NW3 and Chelsea area.

Stay ahead of the curve
One of the main appeals of a contemporary Chelsea pad is that it’s stylish and trendy and, often, ahead of the curve. The technology in the kitchen and bathroom is, usually, above and beyond your standard drab flat, so make sure you’re putting the right tech in your property. Whether it’s a large jacuzzi bath with all the bubbles you could wish for or a shower you can flick on and warm up with voice command, explore the market and, if you’re unsure, consult your construction company to find out about similar projects and the tech they included.

If you want to bring your Chelsea property up to modern standards, bring in a Chelsea construction company with lots of experience working on construction projects in the Chelsea and NW3 area.


Keep things minimal
Last but not least, keeping things minimal is the key to a decadent Chelsea home. Show your personality with big, beautiful canvases on the walls or embroidered rugs, but don’t overdo it on the personal touch. Choose a kitchen that’s black, white, or metallic and seamless, and for the living room, find pristine, upholstered chairs that sit within your palette. When decorating your home, choose three signature colours that you can splash accents of throughout, from the furnishings and appliances to the flooring and even the flowers on the coffee table.

Our Chelsea construction company in the NW3 and Chelsea area have years of experience working on minimal Chelsea homes as we are a Chelsea construction company in NW3 area.

Need some inspiration for your drab to fab London home renovation? Find it on Houzz, along with some great examples of what construction company in NW3 or Chelsea can do for you.

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