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Create a summer-friendly home with an outdoor kitchen

Days of beautiful, sunny weather in London are few and far between, however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace outdoor urban living. By adding a covered outdoor kitchen and dining area to your home using a Chiswick construction company, you can dine and entertain friends and family outside year-round.

We know what you’re thinking – without the sunshine, London weather is hardly warm. But there’s an easy fix! There is an array of innovative outdoor heating solutions now available which help to warm your outdoor area quickly and efficiently, rain or shine. Better still, these solutions can be installed easily by your local construction company in W4 and Chiswick.

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How to create a successful outdoor kitchen

As well as finding the right Chiswick construction company for your project, there are multiple factors to consider when you’re creating your outdoor kitchen area, including:

Ensure there’s plenty of light
When you’re creating an outdoor kitchen space, it’s important to ensure that you’re not blocking sunlight – it’s easily done. To help prevent issues with natural light, consult your construction company to work out how you can strategically place windows and, if necessary, skylights to make sure your space is flooded with light. After all, if you block out the sunlight you might as well be indoors.

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Choose the right materials
You will want to choose materials that are both contemporary and timeless. Premium, hard-wearing woods such as oak are popular options, as is metallic fittings. For the floor, you need something equally timeless such as natural sandstone paving, which is both durable and easy to maintain. Your local W4 construction company will be able to advise you on the best materials for your project.

Our Chiswick construction company in the W4 and Chiswick area have plenty of experience with garden projects as we have been a Chiswick construction company in the W4 area for years.

Implement thought-out storage solutions
Working in a small outside space can feel limiting and if you’re not careful, cluttered. When you create your outdoor kitchen and dining area, implement contemporary, seamless storage solutions to store glasses, plates, and cooking utensils.

If you need lighting installed, call your local construction company in W4 to work on your construction project in Chiswick. Choose us and you’re getting a Chiswick construction company with experience.

Don’t forget the night lighting
One of the best reasons for having an outdoor kitchen is that it allows you to entertain well into the night, however, as well as effective outdoor heating solutions, you will need to ensure that you have effective outdoor lighting in your kitchen space, too. Industrial-style hanging lights are a popular choice for their style and affordability, however, dome-shaped or long, bar-style lighting is a great choice, too.

For further inspiration for your outdoor kitchen and dining area, explore these top-quality urban outdoor spaces in London on Houzz and remember to consult your Chiswick construction company.

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