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on how to add value to your home with an office space

With Londoners and the rest of the UK alike working harder and longer than ever before – and flexible working now taking over the corporate environment – home offices have become an increasingly popular addition to many properties. Not only does a home office dramatically reduce your commute to a mere stroll but it has also been found to add value to a property.

According to the Telegraph, 1.5m people across the UK solely work from home while a staggering 2.7m work from home occasionally, often travelling to the office or to meetings once or twice a week.

If you’re able to add an office to your home using a Clapham construction company or a construction company in SW4, you could be looking at increasing the value of your property by up to £125k, depending on where you live. For desirable central London properties, that figure may be even higher.

Our SW4 and Clapham construction company can transform your Clapham home with SW4 construction projects such as extensions – we are a leading Clapham construction company working on construction sites in the SW4 and Clapham area.


How can I add an office to my home?

Embrace your garden
If you have space at the end of your garden, that’s a good place to start as it means working from home while still having somewhere to work that’s away from the rest of the family, ensuring that you’re not disturbed. If you build a one-room outbuilding at the bottom of your garden, make sure that it is fully wired and, if possible, has access to running water. By doing this, you’re future-proofing your property to changing needs. For instance, later down the line, you could convert the studio to house elderly family members. Prospective buyers will see it as an advantage, too. All it takes is a couple of weeks working with an experienced Clapham construction company to create the perfect space.

Our Clapham construction company in the SW4 and Clapham area have plenty of experience working on garden projects as we have been a Clapham construction company in the SW2 area for a very long time.

Try a loft conversion
If your garden is just too small (you’re in London, after all), consider calling a construction company in the SW4 or Clapham area in to convert your loft space. Loft conversions don’t cost as much as you’d think and they allow for a large, highly adaptable space in your home. Prospective buyers will see your office in your loft as an extra bedroom, too, which can add up to £125k to the value of your home. However, bear in mind that your loft is one of your largest storage spaces so, if it’s currently cluttered, think about where the clutter will go when you convert.

If you’re looking for an experienced Clapham construction company, our construction company in SW4 regularly works on a range of Clapham construction sites in Clapham and the SW4 area.

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