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on how to make your London home greener

The world’s climate is changing and London is feeling it. Multiple generations of buyers are scrambling to make sure that their London homes are green, and we have some top tips for green measures you can implement in your London property to make your home more sustainable. To find out more about any of the green construction services, contact your local Coleridge construction company.

Our Coleridge construction company in SW10 and Coleridge have extensive experience working on loft conversions – we have been a Coleridge construction company in SW10 for years.

Check that your loft is well insulated

In older London properties, loft insulation may not be present or may need re-working to ensure maximum effectiveness. For peace of mind when insulating or re-insulating your loft using a construction company in SW10, use insulation made from recycled materials. Loft insulation will cost you only a few hundred pounds and you’ll recoup the costs from reduced energy bills in just a couple of years.


Use a construction company in SW10

When making any changes to your home, source your construction company locally to ensure a minimal commute to your property each day, using less fuel and giving out less pollution. Also, your Coleridge construction company will be familiar with your building, bringing an extra level of expertise to your project.

If you want to install underfloor heating in your Coleridge home, call in a Coleridge construction company operating in SW10 to ensure that your Coleridge construction project is everything you want it to be.


Install underfloor heating

Another way to reduce your energy bills while making the most of otherwise unused space, you can easily install underfloor heating in your London property, which means no longer having costly radiators switched on 24/7.


Replace your UPVC or metal window frames with wooden frames

Wooden window frames not only look great but the manufacturing process is also less polluting than the production of unsightly UPVC or metal window frames. Better still, wooden frames are more insulating and are easier to repair, ensuring longevity. To get a price for hand-crafted wooden window frames, contact your local Coleridge construction company.

Insulate cavity walls

In older properties, energy-saving measures were not a priority during the build phase which means your property is likely to have multiple cavity walls that are not insulated at all, allowing heating to easily escape your home. By insulating cavity walls, you can dramatically reduce your energy consumption, making your home greener while saving some pennies.

When decorating, choose chemical-free sundries

If you’re planning to overhaul the aesthetics of your property or renovate entirely, throughout the process look out for sundries, including paint, varnish, glue and so on, that are free of chemicals to reduce pollution and make your build greener. If you’re unsure which sundries your local construction company in SW10 are using, ask your builders.

If you’re seeking the perfect Coleridge construction company, our Coleridge construction company in SW10 regularly works on modern and traditional Coleridge construction sites in Coleridge London and SW10.

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