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Quality Assurance

Our team of highly experienced construction quality assurance staff (CQA) has extensive specialist knowledge and expertise resulting from working on numerous intricate projects in the super prime London areas. This expertise enables us to deliver a service that closely blends design, project management, CDM and CQA for a wide range of projects.

We adopt an open approach to all our projects integrating all stakeholders criteria into the process. This inclusive and adaptive approach to the provision of professional design consultancy services has helped us to develop trusted long term relationships with our clients and industry partners alike. To date we have gained numerous construction industry professional affiliations and accreditations for our high quality service consistency and integrity across all our operations at individual staff level as well as corporate.

Our senior staff have all been chartered with the major professional national bodies and have led the CQA implementation within our company for over the last 10 years in raising the quality standards of our CQA process within a challenging environment and proving value for money in our service delivery is a pre-requisite. We trust that the level of quality and working morale adopted by all of our staff delivers added value to our Clients by helping to minimise issues and problems before they occur and resolving any problems that do occur in the most efficient manner.

Our CQA includes:
  • An overview of the project from an on site perspective in relation to progress and quality;
  • Liaison with the specialist suppliers and project professional associates, ensuring effective communications with respect to critical issues;
  • Internal quality control of the CQA process, ensuring that as far as is feasible the construction process satisfies the requirements of the specification, the CQA plan and Client;
  • Management of priorities in relation to material testing laboratories engaged in the CQA process;
  • Our CQA managers have a wide appreciation of the whole construction process being experienced engineers, that helps to identify and resolve potential problems and issues in advance.
We believe our staff is our biggest value in the delivery of our services and, thus, we invest heavily in the new skill training and apprenticeship programmes. LUX Construction encourages the ongoing Career Professional Development whilst providing the tools and resources for our staff craftsmanship and professional career advancement to perfect our quality delivery to you.
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