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We have an interior design London track record with our boutique refurbishment projects demonstrating our expertise in interior design, space planning and delivering the client brief.

LUX Construction interior design London bespoke interiors are harmonious with the architectural style of the property and reflect the client’s lifestyle requirements. While we undertake complete refurbishment and renovation projects, we believe in the importance of respecting the character of the building. Our aim is to enhance the structure, which in turn will maximise its value both as an asset and a home.

LUX Construction works on a range of projects: renovation of a discreet and elegant London mews house to a capacious 1000sq.m. mansion with basement swimming pool.

Why Use an Interior Designer?

An interior designer will listen to you and take on board your requirements and desires for your dream house. Do you want a media room? Are you an avid cook and like entertaining? Are you an art collector, prefer minimal spaces or like sumptuous luxury? The interior designer will help you realise your vision.

How it works?

We offer an initial free consultation with our interior designer who will take your brief, listen to what you want and analyse the space. We then send you our initial concepts for the interior design with visual references.

If you are happy for us to go ahead, we will agree terms and produce more detailed visuals for you, including 3D renderings and samples. We use the latest CGI technology to produce 3D renderings for you.*

We are happy to procure items for your home - bespoke designs, hard to find vintage pieces and antiques, unique items that will make your interior distinctive. We can also find art for your walls and commission original work.

Our service includes project management ensuring the work we carry out is totally stress.

*There are three levels of CGI that our design studio can produce.


It gives a good idea of the layout partially rendered viewed from top, though not containing any elevation pictures.

Allows a sense of warmth and depth of space to be accomplished.

3D photo

At times almost indistinguishable from an ordinary photograph, although just the artist’s impression of how the room would appear, entailing at least two angle views of each room in 3D.

The number of amendment repetitions is limited to the agreed budget while the amended images are rendered with 2D elevations so they form part of the design sign off since colours and aspect ratios need to be examined with physical samples and traditional methods.

3D video

The virtual reality in full 3D video rendering allows you to enter your home before it gets built. This option is subject to opting for 3D photo imaging package so to proceeding with 3D video rendering.
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