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Property Restoration and Renovation London

Restoring and renovating London’s classic period architecture

We are highly skilled at property restoration and renovation London period features, such as plasterwork, stained glass, natural stone, cut brickwork, mosaic and specialist paint finishes on carpentry. Our expertise lies in modernising properties while maintaining their architectural integrity.

If you are seriously considering property restoration and renovation in London of a listed property, we can lead you through this often confusing process leaving you to create a home you once thought impossible to realise.

We have to date worked to achieve service packages of consents on Listed projects for (the list is not exhaustive):

  • The Peabody Estate
  • The Grosvenor Estate
  • The Phillimore Estate
External restoration of Listed Buildings

Brickwork repair

This incorporates a variety of techniques from piecing in reclaimed replacement brick or stone to the partial or entire repointing or blending in prior poor replacement.

These techniques are all critical to the repair and enhancement of Georgian Listed Buildings in London.

This is often carried out with soot washing, treating, newer brickwork and pointing to match original surroundings. The black and white motley look is all too common nowadays - cheap repointing and other repairs are usually to blame and the untreated results can look disastrous.

We don't recommend abrasive cleaning as it will result in severe damage and destruction to old London brick. The visual improvement of soot washing is dramatic and proves what can be done with only a little thought and care, and as an alternative to the potentially damaging effects of cleaning.

Internal renovation of Listed Buildings


We have a number of specialist experts at cleaning, restoring and copying special types of ornate plasterwork and have undertaken many projects in period properties in London. Throughout our contacts we have ready access to a huge historical back catalogue of moulds. In other cases it is necessary to make a new mould since the coving is unique. Also, we can repair coving where historical knowledge and understanding of the material is required. There is a real deal of risk attempting the restoration of plasterwork without specialist help. Poor and insufficient repair proves to be worse than the original damage and can be the cause of further complications and added costs whenever a proper restoration is undertaken.

Most listed properties do not have nowadays common installed plasterboard surfaces. Working on the listed property restoration and renovation London projects one will come across the internal partitions that were originally built of timber studs with wooden lath strips and plastered with lime and sand mortar incorporating the horse hair fibres. Most interior works will involve the work around those fragile structures and entail the ability to make good, however minimal disturbance caused, in the consistent and original way.


We have built the network of the property restoration and renovation London antique restorers and wherever the articles are carefully removable, we deliver those into the highest ranking restorer expert hands. Upon the completion our antique restorers work as a team to reinstate the original feature. Our aim on all listed property carpentry works are focused on restoration and preservation rather improvement and change in look. Having carefully removed the top finish surfaces, the bases always require sympathetic reinforcement, avoiding over-zealous reconstruction, or that would harm the true value of the original work. The internal structure is rebuilt using matching materials while the top of the article is refilled and trimmed to allow for the movement that is inevitable in a building over 100 years old. Where feasible, we employ our specialist bespoke curved laminate support technology. So well enhanced many period carpentry features may be a key element of a period property home.


It is said the natural stone lasts thousands of years. However, over the time lustre and gloss is lost, especially in case of polished marbles and granites. To bring back the original glossiness, we employ the Italian original century old techniques, by polishing the slabs and tiles in situ, without disturbing the sub-surfaces. Upon the stone restoration, the only last task is to refill the grout lines in between the stone with original filler. Where the damage has been major, we employ our network of suppliers to source the matching and original Italian quarry marbles and granites from throughout the world.
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