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Restoring your Victorian London home

Some of the most popular homes on the market in London are those that were built during the Victorian period and feature generous rooms with intricate details.

If you live in or are considering purchasing a Victorian home in London, make sure you have set aside a generous amount of cash for restoration and renovation, bringing some of those fine Victorian details back to life. All restorations can be carried out by your local Covent Garden construction company.


Our Covent Garden construction company in WC2 and have extensive experience working on Victorian restorations as we have been a Covent Garden construction company in NW1 area for years.

Decorative plasterwork, especially around light fixtures, and windows, are very chic and require highly skilled tradesmen when repairs are being carried out. In addition to repairing any broken areas of the plasterwork, you will want to clean it up. If your plasterwork is beyond repair, consider purchasing a similar design or having a replica made to get your property back to its best.

Sash windows were very popular during the Victorian period, however, they can be damaged easily and, if the property has been left empty with damp, may have rotted beyond repair. Especially in the living areas, repair or, if damaged entirely, reinstall sash windows for a traditional finish. If you need windows reinstalled, contact a construction company in WC2 for the perfect finish.

If you want to overhaul the flooring in your Victoria home, call in a Covent Garden construction company in WC2 to ensure that your Covent Garden construction project is everything you want it to be.

If the flooring throughout your Victorian property is not simply floorboards, try stripping back the carpet or lino to inspect the condition of your floorboards. If your Victorian floorboards are in good condition, it’s always advisable to sand them down (or have a Covent Garden construction company do it for you) and, if necessary, varnish them to increase the chances of the floorboards taking in great condition for years to come. If you want to add a contemporary twist to your home, consider painting your floorboards – particularly useful if they are damaged and unsightly.

One of the costliest restoration projects in your Victorian home will be the fireplace, or fireplaces – Victorian home designers, builders and owners like to have a fireplace in not only the living area but, often, the kitchen and bedrooms, too. If your fireplace has been damaged or, worse still, covered entirely, you will want to get it back to best. For this task, it’s best to bring in the professionals such as a construction company in Covent Garden that will be familiar with the style of your home.

If you’re seeking a WC2 construction company, our Covent Garden construction company operating in WC2 regularly works on traditional Covent Garden construction sites in WC2 and Covent Garden.

Lastly, when you have finished any structural restoration tasks, consider taking your Victorian London home restoration and renovation to the next level by introducing traditional decorations such as Victorian-style wallpaper, tiles (very striking in the bathroom), and fabrics such as velvet.

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