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Elm Walk, Hampstead Heath

Elm walk borders Golders Hill Park and Hampstead Heath itself. They definitely did not want a closed, cave-like space no matter how well lit, so this was a challenge few builders/designers could answer.

The solution is innovative, elegant, and just a little spectacular. Just below the front window on the main floor, in the space that would become a double-wide living room, we placed a wide section of high-impact glass flooring. This is strong enough to walk upon, though only the children seem to enjoy that. It becomes a fully functional skylight for the basement below, bringing in huge quantities of natural light and from the windows above.

Of course, this required replacing the entire floor and reinforcing it, before excavating the new basement. Our designers used that space to fit a large kitchen, breakfast bar and dining area, brilliantly lit by the skylight into the living room above

This is the kind of innovative yet practical solutions LUX Construction specialises in providing to our customers. No matter what your needs or how unusual your situation, we can design and build a solution that solves it. Not only that, but because our design and build teams both operate in-house, they have decades of experience working together. This leads to a real synergy, and is the key to the world-class results LUX Construction delivers.

Project particulars. Design and build package by LUX Construction with the following partners:
Architectural Design: LUX Construction
Interior Design: LUX Construction
Structural Engineering: LUX Construction
Building Inspection: Assent Building Control Ltd
Basement tanking & sumps: Delta, Aqua
Total internal area: 1810sq.ft.
Project Duration: 62 weeks
Local Authority: London Borough of Campden

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