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Hazlewell Rd, Putney

This lovely home in south-west London with a small garden was in need of a complete renovation, and LUX Construction was selected for the task. LUX Construction is one of the most experienced and well-established boutique builders in London, offering home and building refurbishment to private clients.

LUX Construction specialises in end-to-end design and building, and was able to do wonders with this project. This property already boasted a small garden/patio area in the back, but this had been very underutilised and poorly presented. In order to make the most of the limited green space, a tiered lawn/patio was selected. Natural wooden walls and a tasteful, modern lighting system combine to enclose the space in a pleasing way.

A glass-roofed sunroom opens onto the new garden space, taking advantage of the natural sunlight and allowing the space to be enjoyed all year round. Similarly, expansion into the loft yielded more living space, including bedroom, en-suite and office nook. More skylights here help to brighten the room substantially, and provide the illusion of even greater space.

Complete home refurbishments are becoming very common in and around central London, as they are one of the few ways to make spacious family living possible within the city. Many of London’s existing properties have an outmoded and incontinent layout, and do not live up to their full potential in terms of usable space. In this case, the scope of a full refurbishment allowed LUX Construction to redefine the internal and external spaces entirely, creating a spacious, modern home without altering the external façade at all.

Refurbishment on this scale requires the highest levels of craftsmanship and sensitive design, two qualities that make LUX Construction very sought-after. Once combined with digitally-controlled climate systems, underfloor heating and integral lighting and sound systems, this once cramped structure becomes a modern and comfortable living space even for a large family – a rare thing considering its location.

Project particulars. Design and build package by LUX Construction with the following partners:
Architectural Design: T McKinsley
Interior Design: LUX Construction
Structural Engineering: LUX Construction
Building Inspection: Assent Building Control Ltd
Basement tanking & sumps: n/a
Total internal area: 1260sq.ft.
Project Duration: 34 weeks
Local Authority: London Borough of Wandsworth

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