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Hornton St, High St Kensington

This lovely four storey terrace home in the heart of Kensington needed a lot of work to bring it into the 21st century. The property had long had trouble with damp on the ground floor, and needed substantial reconstruction work done. A delicate touch was needed, though, to keep the façade consistent with the neighbouring houses whilst creating something truly unique inside.

The rising damp was the most immediate problem. The solution was to excavate a full basement, and essentially relay the foundation of the house with modern, damp-proof materials and techniques. Working upwards, we installed a skylight over the kitchen dining area in order to substantially brighten a room which had no windows other than at the door leading to the garden. The new kitchen is one of the sunniest rooms in the house.

A front reception room resonant of boutique hotels was created by the appointed interior designer to give the owners a glamorous area to entertain their guests with a drink before dinner. Lastly, we converted the loft storage space into a fully fitted bedroom and modern en-suite.

The final result is what you see: a bright, spacious and above all, dry building any family would be proud to call home.

Project particulars. Design and build package by LUX Construction with the following partners:
Architectural Design: LUX Construction
Interior Design: LUX Construction
Structural Engineering: LUX Construction
Building Inspection: Assent Building Control Ltd
Basement tanking & sumps: Delta
Total internal area: 1840sq.ft.
Project Duration: 54 weeks
Local Authority: Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

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