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Welcome to LUX Construction’s portfolio page for London construction case studies. Here we present a fifteen of our most favourite renovation, extension and conversion projects, with some rather gorgeous ‘after’ pictures for each. We have selected these projects to show the wide range of our designers’ and builders’ talents, and to illustrate the kinds of solutions we can provide to clients seeking to transform their living spaces. Some excellent examples of innovative internal design elements include the properties on Hat’s Mews and Elm Walk.

One of our specialties is in providing full and meaningful renovations and conversions of listed buildings, and other properties with severe restrictions on how their outward appearance and structure can be changed. Our designers, engineers and builders are among the top of their respective fields, and have both the skill and the design sensitivity to do wonders with listed buildings. Excellent examples of this include the London construction case studies properties on Denbigh Street, Holland Park and Eaton Place.

Our ultimate goal is, of course, our clients’ happiness. Your ideas are vital to the process, as we seek to make each property as much like you imagine it could be as possible. Some may feel that the real estate available in the city is restrictive. We say they just haven’t managed to see what these properties could be, with a little expert help.
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