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Lots Rd, Earl’s Court

This property is on Lots Road, just a short stroll across Chelsea Creek to Chelsea Harbour. The owners knew the property was due for renovation, but they wanted to do more than change the look and styling. They wanted to make some real changes to the internal arrangements, so they knew LUX were the ones to call.

Adding a basement to a standing property is never a simple task. After assuring ourselves of the integrity of the basic structure, we started digging. The plans approved by the owners called for a new bedroom with en-suite bath and a bar/lounge area to be created. As window wells were possible here, we took advantage of the natural light but used frosted glass in all basement windows for privacy and to prevent the feeling of ‘living in a cave’ so many basement rooms are prone to. Gas-fired underfloor heating throughout the basement and ground floors added substantially to the comfort factor as well.

Then we turned our designers loose on the rest of the property. We are particularly fond of the tan marble bathroom. Decorating the thinner of the two sitting rooms was a challenge, but our design team came through yet again with this majestic home theatre and entertainment unit, complete with mirrored tele cover - exposed electronics can so quickly spoil the right look.

The result is a lovely home which is perfect for entertaining and a joy to live in. With digitally controlled, gas fired under-floor heating throughout; digitally networked lighting and sound - all controllable from an iPad or iPhone - this is a truly modern, luxurious family home. We are particularly proud of the grand entranceway and stairs, which combine to give this relatively small property the effect of a spacious country home without cutting into the all-important living space.

Project particulars. Design and build package by LUX Construction Ltd with the following partners:
Architectural Design: Sali Associates
Interior Design: LUX Construction
Structural Engineering: LUX Construction
Building Inspection: Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
Basement tanking & sumps: Delta
Total internal area: 1680sq.ft.
Project Duration: 46 weeks
Local Authority: Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

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